Black Lives Matter

Hello there, this is Sarah. The past two weeks have been exhausting in many ways, especially emotionally with the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the US and around the world. I will not say much about this now but this is 2020 and we are still having discussions, arguments and protests against racism, wow! In addition to what I am already involved in personally, as the founder of CoCreate, I am also looking into what else we can do to address injustice as an organization.

There are so many negative narratives attached to black people and one thing I would like you to do is this- sit for a minute, close your eyes and allow yourself to ponder why that is the case (if you have that prejudice). Where did that stereotype come from? Movies? School? Family? Okay. Now that you know… what are you going to do about it? How will you address it? We have way too much to deal with as humanity to be divided and not see each other as one race- the human race.

You will hear from me soon but till then, stay safe and do unto others and their loved ones as you would have them do unto you and your loved ones.

– Sarah

Cocreate team