Afghanistan aid

Below is a post from one of our colleagues

“It is damn hard to be a woman in Afghanistan” – a note from my 21-year old colleague whose house was destroyed in Kandahar during the Taliban take over and who has been confined inside since as she fears the Taliban.
For the last 14 years, I have worked on some of the world’s most challenging issues, which sometimes makes me feel like it’s all too much. The world is burning. Most recently I have focused heavily on refugee and migrant rights, and through that, I have been working with the situation of people in Greece, Turkey, and Afghanistan.
The past few days have been devastating for the team I supervise in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been in turmoil for decades now and right now, the urgency of the situation is serious. They are in desperate need of our solidarity, as are the hundreds of thousands of Afghans trapped in neighboring countries.
My colleagues are in direct threat of persecution because of their religious and ethnic identities and their work for international organizations on human rights and women’s rights.
We have set up a GoFundMe Campaign for Afghanistan aid here. You can also donate via the different options on our donate page here and indicate “Afghanistan relief” so that we know that the donation goes into that pool.

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