Our Mission & Vision

CoCreate NGO was established for the purpose of co-creation and lasting positive contribution to society by assisting survivors of trafficking and those who support them in living a better, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle through a holistic approach.

We do this by creating awareness,  providing training and skills for aftercare for individuals, groups, and agencies that work with them. We also assisting survivors who need our help by connecting them with existing NGOs and on a case by case basis, assisting ourselves until we are able to connect them with an existing association. 

One of our goals is to strengthen the partnership between anti-trafficking organizations for more effectiveness. Therefore, while we provide training and support, we do not run a shelter ourselves but partner with reliable organizations with established shelters and projects.

We partner with and provide support to agencies and organizations that work with vulnerable populations such as victims of human trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation by:

a. Providing trainings where possible; where we cannot do so ourselves, we do our best to refer the group and / or organization to those who can. 

b. Networking and acting as connectors between agencies that may benefit from working together but may not know of the other’s existence. We would like to see better collaboration in the humanitarian aid and social justice sector therefore, we are committed to networking and beneficial partnerships.

c. Investing long term in a small number of individuals at a time who have come out of exploitative situations and are in need of assistance in starting over. We prefer to do this in partnership with existing organizations that already offer care and the needed services but we also acknowledge that there are often unique situations where we may need to do more.