Amabelle D Nwakanma

Amabelle D Nwakanma, is a passionate servant leader and human services specialist, with over a decade of experience spanning four continents. She has been pivotal to the development and implementation of impactful programs and innovative strategies that promote the psychosocial, health and economic development of the most vulnerable and disempowered – with a particular focus on women and children.

With a first degree in Behavioural Neuroscience, and postgraduate degrees in Quality Management, and Global Public Health and Policy, she possesses a keen understanding of organizational and human dynamics, adopting a holistic human-centred approach to her style and interventions.

As a highly valued consultant, facilitator and speaker, Amabelle devotes much of her efforts to empowering women, advocating against gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Nigeria. She is the creator and director of an ongoing initiative tagged Project B.R.E.A.K© (Behavioural Remodeling via Engagement, Advocacy and Knowledge) aimed at breaking behavioural/ cultural cycles that contribute to inequality, discrimination, exploitation and abuse.

She is fully committed to strengthening the capacities of local social and health systems that respond to the scourge of human trafficking and other social ills, and works to promote apposite recovery, reintegration, and empowerment programs to meet the short and long-term needs of survivors. To that end, she sits on several boards and spearheads initiatives, working closely with public, private, and civil society bodies to increase their overall effectiveness and impact as service providers.