Jeffrey S. Blom


Mr Blom, who is the Chief Investigations and Security Officer for Love Justice has 33 years of law enforcement, investigative and security experience. He is a former Chief of Police and has served in executive leadership with another non-government organization working on combating human trafficking around the world.

With over thirteen years of international and domestic anti-human trafficking experience at an operational and strategic level, Mr Blom has conducted over 500 undercover operations in 40 countries working closely with local law enforcement officials on victim-centred intervention methods. He has developed an intelligence fusion centre and pioneered an intelligence-led investigative strategy in human trafficking investigations.

Mr Blom is a certified law enforcement trainer and has conducted trainings for domestic law enforcement agencies and has trained police in 13 countries on the subject of human trafficking.  He has received the Medal of Honor from the State of Missouri and the Medal of Valor, Distinguished Service medal and Special Unit Citation from Kansas City, MO Police Department. In addition, he has been recognized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for his work on an American paedophile case and is an expert witness for the United States Attorney’s office.  He’s an internationally published author on the subject of human trafficking investigations and interventions and was the keynote speaker at Interpol’s human trafficking conference on its 100th anniversary. He has lectured at universities around the world and across the United States on the subject of human trafficking and was a technical advisor to the writer and actors in a Hollywood movie, which is based upon his work in Cambodia.