Dr. Sarah Adeyinka

Sarah Adeyinka (PhD) is the founder and board chair of CoCreate VZW. She has been active in the field of humanitarian aid for over a decade, with a focus on people in vulnerable situations including refugees, asylum seekers, and victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. She worked on board two NGO Search And Rescue rescue vessels on the central Mediterranean involved in the rescue of migrants at sea. Her role included providing cultural mediation, identifying vulnerable women and referring them to the right channels for assistance.

She holds a PhD from Ghent University where she was part of the European Research Commission-funded ChildMove project and conducted research on the impact of transit experiences on the well-being of unaccompanied minors. Her part of the project focused on the convoluted experiences of young, female, Nigerian victims of trafficking along their migration trajectories. Alongside Sophie Samyn, she also carried out a study on the well-being of West African women working in prostitution in the Schaerbeek municipality of Brussels, a project which was funded by the municipality.

Sarah was recently elected as the chairperson ad interim of the European Union Agency for Asylum and is looking forward to all that the role entails, especially collaboration with other NGOs and members of civil society and the ability to influence policies that impact people in vulnerable situations.